Why Join Us?

about us

about us

Manchester United Updates has been operating since 2012. During this time, we have grown to become one of the biggest supporters pages on Facebook, but we are not done yet. Our vision is to become the most recognizable fan forum for Manchester United on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter through daily, engaging, enriching content.

You can become a part of this story.

 Our team consists of hardcore  United supporters from all around the world who post for their passion of the club. 

Most of our staff are volunteers, and love the fact they have a voice in the United community. 

Our team is close. Our social team chat is a place where all our staff congregate and have fun talking about United, Football, politics, and banter. 

If you join us, you are joining a family of like-minded people who do what they do out of enjoyment.

You also join an organization that is forward-minded and always looking to improve and grow. 

Why Join Us?

  • Opportunity to have your voice heard by millions of United fans every week
    • Average weekly reach of 2+ million

  • Getting to know other United fans from all around the world 
    • Taking part in our fun, engaging group social chat and making new friends
      • Some of our staff have met each other in real-life as of a result of their getting to know each other through volunteering in our organization.

  • Joining an organization that is forward-thinking and always looking to improve and progress 
    • Our leadership team is committed to our vision of making us the biggest and most recognized United forum on the Internet
      • Our goal is to supersede  the popularity of organizations like FullTime Devils, and to become well-respected and well-known by the broader United community


Most frequent questions and answers

Manchester United Updates is not profitable to the level where we can finance / pay all of our staff. We have significant costs relating to website operations, Chatbot costs, Social media management software costs and more. 

Our ownership group have invested personal funds into the growth of the company over the years, and have re-invested any monies made directly back into the company.

We are fully transparent with our finances. As such it is company policy that any member of our staff can request to see our books. 

We pay certain positions if the work they do is more in relation to the average staff member and/or if the demand for the position is low in relation to other positions.

Example: A website writer position requires more work and effort than a Facebook editor position, and it is generally harder to find website writers than Facebook editors, which is why website writers are paid while Facebook editors are not. 

Our group social chat consists of Manchester United Updates staff. 

Our staff use this chat to casually talk about Football, United, News, Politics, etc. 

This is where our staff get to really learn and know about each other, and where connections and friendships are made. 

We have staff from the UK, Canada, United States, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Zambia, Mauritius. In this sense we are a truly global team. 

Our staff typically range in age from 16 years of age to 25 years of age. 

Yes! Our aim is to always promote internally wherever possible. 

Management positions are always opening up within our organization!