Daniel James deserves more respect from the United fans

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Daniel James deserves much more respect than what he currently gets at Manchester United. Why? We are going to look into some of the reasons in this article.

Daniel James was signed from Swansea City (yeah, SWANSEA CITY), who are a Championship mid-table club. Manchester United paid £15m for the Welsh man and he was recommended to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer by Wales international manager and United legend Ryan Giggs.


Does Dan James deserves respect because he was recommended by Giggsy? No. Does Dan James deserve more respect because he was a Swansea City player previously? No. Why does Dan James deserve respect then? He deserves respect because of the job he has done at Manchester United, solely.

For a man who was supposedly signed to be a backup, Daniel James has very decent numbers. He has 4* goals and 7* assists in all competitions in his first season at Man United. That should automatically deserve respect in my opinion.

Daniel James joined Manchester United from Swansea in difficult circumstances

James made a flying start to his Old Trafford career by scoring on his debut. 3 out of his 4 goals came in his first five games of the season.

Daniel James lost his father days before his dream Manchester United move was about to be confirmed. He took that in his stride and has performed well.


Daniel James is a tactical option for any manager. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s use of him can be criticised to some point. But, his performances in the “big games” especially against Liverpool (home) and Manchester City (home & away) certainly deserves respect.

Daniel James has many notable performances in the league this year

What happens to Daniel James when we sign Sancho? He would automatically be moved to the bench and his pace against tiring defenders is an absolute nightmare for the opposition. If used in that way ( a way he was supposedly to be used from the beginning), Daniel James would automatically earn more respect.


Daniel James is United’s highest provider of goals this season in the Premier League. And to me, there are two instances, I am going to showcase here to show how influential he can with space ahead of him, as a backup, or as a starter, when the season begins again this year or next season.

Daniel James’ assist to Marcus Rashford at Carrow Road

Exhibit number one is from Carrow Road when he made, what to me, is the assist of the season. Simple pass. But, not everyone can weigh it perfectly as James did. Credits to Rashford for taking it down perfectly.

But, that pass, when the defenders are open and there is space in behind, is what James is capable of.

Exhibit number Two: Manchester United vs Liverpool

Exhibit number two of Daniel James being influential with space behind the defenders is the home league match against Liverpool. Robertson was out of position and James used that to his advantage and ran into space before playing a brilliant low cross for Rashford to finish the move off.

Once again, anybody could do it some may argue. But, not everybody can do it as good as certain players. James has it in him to do it. Just has to be more consistent.


Daniel James could be the perfect “super sub” for Manchester United. Following in the footsteps of his gaffer and Javier Hernandez will be the most easiest route for Daniel James to be successful here.

Going the Solskjaer route of being a “super sub” would make Daniel James even more appreciable among the fanbase

He isn’t Manchester United starter quality. He is a very good/high class tactical option on and off the bench. At the same time, for what he has done under incredible pressure and difficult circumstances in his first year at Manchester United needs to be respected a little bit more.

*denotes incomplete season

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