United to qualify for UCL if season is scrapped now?

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Manchester United could gain a backdoor entry into the UEFA Champions League for 2020-2021. Football season 2019-2020 has been cut short by the worldwide spread of the novel Coronavirus with footballers across Europe testing positive as well.

The UEFA, The Premier League & the EFL in England have been having frequent meetings to decide upon when is the right time and what is the right situation to start playing their respective leagues. But, there is no consensus yet as to what time could be ideal, even to start games without fans.

Manchester United draw Sevilla in UEFA Champions League last 16 ...
Manchester United can get a backdoor entry into the UCL next season

According to the latest reports in English media, UEFA are set to meet today (22/04/2020) and tomorrow (23/04/2020). In this meeting, there could be decision on completing the running seasons and possibly discussion next season. UEFA may propose a system where the associations can use UEFA coefficients to decide upon who plays what European competition in 2020/21.

Here’s a picture that shows how English rank up if coefficients were used to select teams participating in European competitions

If UEFA coefficients are something to go by, Manchester United are the third best ranked among English clubs. This would mean United get UCL football in 2020/21 along with Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal (4th best placed team for English clubs). Spurs, Chelsea and Leicester City will play in the UEFA Europa League. If Manchester City’s ban is upheld, then Spurs will play UCL.

All eyes on the UEFA meeting now.

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