United “got it right” with the pandemic response and multiple other things this season

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Manchester United “got it right” this season claims Andy Mitten from the United We Stand magazine.

Mitten explains in the 304th issue that United have shown their worth to local communities time and time again even before Coronavirus forced football clubs to help out.

“United are fifth, so there’s still much work to do before the young team is genuinely competing for titles, but it has also been encouraging how the team are doing the right things off the field.”

Andy Mitten, United We Stand

Mitten provides the examples of the club refunding £350 to United fans who bought tickets and travel to the LASK away fixture. He also mentions the time that United paid for the trips to Astana and providing free tickets to children for cup matches.

As with these other gestures of good faith, United have shown a true family side to the way they have handled the global pandemic. With United players chipping in and agreeing pay-cut, donating £50,000 to local food banks and announcing they will not furlough their non-playing staff.

United also lit up their stadium in blue lights and only highlighted the letter N, H and S in support of the National Health Service last night.

It is in times like these where you get a real feel of the club’s feelings towards its supporters and if they ‘get’ the real picture.

Unlike Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool who had to reverse their initial decisions on furloughing non-playing staff, United have got it right and made their fan base proud to be a Red Devil.

It is fair to say that United would be a prime candidate for a fair-play award this footballing season and fans hope for every season still to come.

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