Manchester United must sign Jack Grealish, regardless of the Pogba situation

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Jack Grealish. Aston Villa captain. Great talent. And what comes with all great talents in the country, a Manchester United target. Jack Grealish has been of significant interest for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer since last summer. Ole wants him this summer & is ready to sign him if the reports in the media are to believed.

Jack Grealish fuels Man Utd transfer rumours with Old Trafford ...
Jack Grealish is expected to join Manchester United this summer

But, the usual ‘what happens to player X if player Y arrives?’ questions have arised. What Manchester United should do is to keep Paul Pogba, preferably on an extended contract, keep Nemanja Matic on a short term deal, keep all their other midfielders (which they will regardless) & on top of all that, sign Jack Grealish.

There are doubts among the Man United fanbase whether Man United can do all of these in one summer. Their doubts can be argued to be right considering the failures in the recent past. But, that does not mean they should sell Pogba and sign Grealish.

Man United fans should leave the doubts in the hierarchy to the new recruitment team, i.e., Ole & co. If they want a certain player out or in, they will get it done regardless of what the popular or unpopular opinion is on the player.

Man Utd's chances of Jack Grealish transfer could rely on Paul ...
Pogba’s future at MUFC is uncertain. Jack Grealish incoming won’t & ideally shouldn’t upset Pogba’s big decision

Now, coming to the topic of Jack Grealish. He is an advanced midfielder who plays mostly in attacking positions behind the striker. That position, at United, has just been filled recently & emphatically so by Bruno Fernandes.

Does this mean we don’t sign Grealish? Because we have a quality player in that position? That’s not Man United mindset. A club like ours, should look to have top talents all across the pitch & the BENCH.

This doesn’t mean, Grealish comes as a bench warmer. He can play across a number of positions. Central midfield in a box to box role & coming inside from left wing, isn’t alien to him by any means. If Pogba leaves eventually (his wish afterall), then, Grealish is a certainty as a signing & possibly as a starter too. If Pogba does a big U-Turn & ends up staying & United still push ahead & sign Grealish, he can be an able backup for 3 players in the squad: Pogba, Fernandes & Rashford.

Top teams should be crying out for a talent of Jack Grealish’s level. His main USP could just be his versatility. Manchester United should sign him just for that.


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