Manchester United will NOT furlough non-playing staff

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By Brad Cox (Twitter: @BradJCox_)

Earlier this evening, Manchester United announced they will not be placing their non-playing staff on the government funded furlough scheme.

This comes after many businesses have had to do this to save their companies from going bankrupt amid the COVID-19 outbreak which has affected millions across the world.

The Manchester Evenings News reported that Ed Woodward emailed the staff today to let them know of the news. They also reported that staff have been given flexible times to work in order to maintain health and safety concerns.

Instead of the government scheme, United are set to follow Manchester City and pay their staff in full. It is reported that around 900 members of staff will have their wages protected by the club during these troubling times.

Liverpool originally stated they were going use the government’s scheme to pay their non-playing staff but have reversed their decision as fans across the world came together to express their anger.

Non Premier League giants such as Norwich, Bournemouth and Newcastle are set to use the furlough to help fund their non-playing staff which will ensure they receive 80% of their wages.

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