Manchester United and Inconsistency: A match made in 2019-2020 hell

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Manchester United’s 2019-20 season has been one where inconsistency is the only consistent constant. Manchester United have lost only twice against big-6 and Leicester City this season. But, they have, at the same time, lost to Newcastle United, Burnley, Crystal Palace, West Ham, Bournemouth along with many draws.


United’s league season has been marred with injuries to first team players at various parts of the season so far. Paul Pogba was injured in the 4th league game of the season against Southampton and has since then played in just 4 games so far. Scott McTominay was injured in December and is still on treatment table and Marcus Rashford is now out with an injury that is feared to be season ending.

Image result for Pogba injury"
Pogba has barely played for Manchester United this season

Even with all these, you might think Ole has done well to keep United in the hunt for Top-4, EL and got to a cup semifinal and still well alive in the other cup competition, The FA Cup. If that is the case, why has Ole Gunnar Solskjaer come under massive criticism from certain sections of the fanbase?

It’s not because of the position he has kept us in. It’s because the fans see the biggest “VIRUS” in professional sport, INCONSISTENCY. Inconsistency is bad. It’s the worst thing one should ever experience in this field. One week, you take the world by storm and the next week, it all comes crashing down.

Image result for Mancehster United st james park loss"
United have lost 2 games against big-6, but have also lost/drawn many games against the other teams.

What gives the fans the energy to criticize the bad performances are the good ones they’re seeing. They see United beating Spurs and City one week and the next week, they see the same team losing to West Ham and Newcastle.

They’re angry for a reason. The same set of players turn up on a sunday and fail to turn up on a Wednesday, they’re bound to be angry and who can the positive ones blame? The fans, for asking more from a set of players good enough to win against the best teams in the league? Ideally, we can’t blame them.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has signed 6 players so far across 2 windows. He has sold plenty more. The injuries have taken their toll on a shortened squad ridden with inexperience and lack of leadership. Solskjaer’s intentions might very well be true and honest to his heart. But, the lack of urge in anything and literally everything is a real worry for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the fans.

Image result for Harry Maguire Manchester United unveil"
Manchester United hype big signings up like they are some mid-table club signing the league’s best players, when such a thing should be the norm.

The lack of urgency is very damning. The money is there to spend. Squad has holes. Yet, United are very adamant that they’ll spend it on the right player and right player ONLY. In theory, this is not a wrong practice at all. In fact, it is the right way to build a squad. But, the problem goes deeper than the 3 signings a summer, Ed Woodward thinks he can get over 90+ days. These are shoddy shortcomings off the pitch which have been a constant for about 10 years. But, now, United mirror a mid-table side, which boasts itself of signing a big money player and wins the odd matches in a month or two.


The biggest fear, among everything, is the fact that, United fans predict what’s coming. What’s wrong in that, some people may ask as United have always predicted victories coming our way. But, the problem is, United fans can see draws or defeats coming our way when the fixture shows a Burnley or Newcastle and they dread these fixtures.


For United to get anywhere near close to the top, United need to weed out the laziness on and off the pitch that has led them to being this inconsistent this season. Lack of quality and the injuries to the best available quality have dented United’s hopes considerably. But, a side of United’s size should not be giving these as reasons for the amount of inconsistency they have shown this season.

United just need to do one thing from now until end of season: BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES

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