Manchester United’s striker search: What is United’s solution to current problems in front of goal?

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July 7th, 2019. Romelu Lukaku had his way and joined Inter Milan. He was Manchester United’s only pure centre forward at the time he left. Manchester United were rumoured to be bringing in a replacement but it was already too late. Window closed on August 8th. United gave Lukaku’s no.9 to fan favourite Anthony Martial.

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Romelu Lukaku was sold 24 hours before deadline, leaving United with no time to sign a replacement.

Since then, Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford have played through the middle in the Premier League in each others’ absence. When both are fit, Solskjaer has opted for Martial through the middle and Rashford off the left. Both have had relative success coming off the left. Marcus Rashford was enjoying his best goalscoring run before getting injured, meanwhile, Martial has had a decent enough run through the middle and off the left when need be.


When Solskjaer decided to sell Lukaku and sign Daniel James and promote Mason Greenwood, it was quite clear that there would be lots of interchanging in between games between the front 3/4. It has been the case. So, Solskjaer’s plan is quite clear. Movement and pace are essential qualities to be part of his attack.

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MARTIAL-RASHFORD-JAMES: United’s front 3 for most of the season

What lacks, though, is a killer in front of goal. Manchester United don’t have that killer. The no.9 in the 6 yard box, doing what his manager would be doing in his prime, TO SCORE SCRAPPY GOALS. United just don’t do things the dirty, scrappy way. Not saying it should be scrappy always. But, scrappy goals are an essential part of title winning teams.

Solskjaer was spot on when he said he wants goals and goalscorers who want to break their toes and noses to score them. What United have to do now is to get a striker. A pure goalscorer. Martial and Rashford are scorers of some beautiful goals. But, United need someone to be stationed with the last line of the opposition defense.


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Luka Jovic or any other striker available for short or long term, will be massively helpful for United.

It doesn’t matter what is the name of that striker is. Be it, Jovic, Piatek, Giroud, Murqi, Gomez, Alcacer, King. Anyone who can score some goals inside the box, a striker who can sniff opportunities out of nowhere is what Manchester United need next and if possible, immediately.

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