OPINION | Pragmatism is the best way under The Glazers.

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Sir Alex Ferguson was a great man manager who was also a pragmatist.

Manchester United under The Glazers have gone from the highest of highs to lowest of lows.

From winning the league title 6 times and the pinnacle of the post treble period at Moscow in 2008 under the American ownership to no league titles and a trophy here and there, without Top-4 finishes, without CL football for most of the 6 year period immediately after Sir Alex’s retirement, Glazers’ Manchester United has seen everything.

From the highs of Moscow 2008…..

But, one trend that has to be noted very much is the amount of success the pragmatic managers had under the Glazers.

United fans need to get to grips that pragmatism is the way forward under the Glazers. You can only limit damage and not win anything until and unless The Glazers give the club a proper structure.

Sir Alex Ferguson was a pragmatist par excellence. His motivational capabilities are top notch. He was never a man who put passing in triangles above winning a football match. That’s exactly the type of manager/coach who United want now. Damage limitation under the glazers. Sir Alex Ferguson also won trophies. But, he was a once in a generation manager whose traits will not be found in any manager now.

Why should Manchester United limit the damage under the Glazers?

The Glazers have a history of failing to get the top talents or to put it in a right way the talent the manager wants. Any manager would not get in all the players he wants.

The Glazers have not backed one manager to the tilt.

Whenever the Glazers sell, That’s when I expect United to get a proper structure. That is when a proper attacking manager has to be signed. Give the club a structure. Give that manager the time. Giving Ole time under the glazers will be useless.

Mourinho’s pragmatism was the secret to the success he had at Old Trafford.

Under these circumstances, when United don’t have the best of squads, a Pragmatist manager who knows the limitations of the club would suit us better. That’s partially the reason Jose Mourinho was the best manager at Manchester United since Sir Alex retired.

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