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Sir Alex Warned About The Dangers of Losing The Dressing Room

Jose Mourinho was sacked on December 18th as Manchester United Manager, but had he listened to the advice of Sir Alex Ferguson back in 2015, he may have still had a job.

In his book Leading Sir Alex warned of the dangers of losing the dressing room saying “There is a phrase in football about players ‘not playing for the manager’, which I have seen happen a thousand times”

“Once that happens, the manager is as good as dead, because he has failed in his major undertaking – which is to motivate the players to follow him.”

Fergie’s words have come to light following the news that just two players in the dressing room were still backing Mourinho at the end.

The majority of United’s staff were rumoured to be happy with the departure of the Portuguese manager, and this was only reaffirmed by Wayne Rooney on Saturday with the United legend saying

“I stay in touch with a lot of people at the club, I speak to them quite a lot.”

“To be a successful club you need to have everything right. That relationship between some of the staff and players wasn’t great




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