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Derek Langley- Former Head Of Academy Recruitment Comments on Woodward and United!

Speaking to local newspaper Manchester Evening News, Former of Academy Recruitment Derek Langely has come down hardly on Manchester United and it’s hierarchy. The hierarchy has been under massive scrutiny of the fans and former players as it has not delivered anything significant since Sir Alex Ferguson retired after winning¬† what remains the club’s last Premier League title 5 seasons ago.


Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United had a runaway title winning campaign in 2012-13.


Derek Langely had been a leading scout for Sir Alex Ferguson in his hunt to sign quality youngsters up for the academy at cheaper prices and in turn convert them into first team stars. Derek Langely was involved in finding out talents like Danny Welbeck, Marcus Rashford, Jesse Lingard, Paul Pogba among others.


Derek Langely created the crux of Manchester United’s 21st century academy by finding talents like Lingard, Rashford, Welbeck and Pogba.


A man with such history at Manchester United bad mouthing the Manchester United hierarchy after being sacked by the CEO won’t bode well with the fans and the former stars. What’s more worrying is the things he’s got to say.


Langely’s comments won’t bode well with the fans and will increase the pressure on Glazers and CEO Woodward.




Derek Langely indicates that Frenkie De Jong, Dayot Upamecano and Mathijs De Ligt were suggested by him and his team and dossiers containing number of pages were prepared and given to the Chairman who rejected the players. That’s when all of those players were 16.


Langely states he sent the names of Upamecano, De Jong and De Ligt to be signed for United.

These players are now 21, 20 and 19 respectively and are worth definitely more than 60m euros. What could have been for peanuts would never be for that money mentioned.




He then goes onto add about the meeting he had with Woodward:






Then comes the big part. He reveals how he told Woodward that he will not say what they like to hear but would say what he knows:




All in all, this reveals the shambles the club is in up top. The manager maybe one problem in a ocean of problems. It would be great if United fans understand sooner.


Mourinho is just one small part of a huge huge problem at Old Trafford.




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