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Arsenal’s Redemption Under Unai Emery is Good. But, To Compare it With Moyes And Manchester United is Harsh.


It’s safe to say Arsenal have had a fantastic start to their new regime led by Unai Emery and his team of lead scouts and coaches. Arsenal have been very good ever since he took over and have shown some signs of Arsenal being Arsenal again. Arsenal have never missed Arsene Wenger despite this being their first season without him in 26 years.


 Unai Emery’s Arsenal tenure has started off in a smooth note.


That was not the case at Manchester United where Sir Alex Ferguson handpicked and gave David Moyes the job. Whatever the imagination of him being successful had he been given time and money, that appointment was one of the worst appointment ever made in the clubsc history. To make it worse, our then new CEO Ed Woodward gave him a 6 year contract (SIX!!).




Let’s leave all that in backburner. The mere fact that these two managerial appointments or the process of replacing the greatest managers ever the league has seen, however one may like to put it, are being compared, is very harsh considering where both the clubs finished under the legendary managers.


Fergie left United as winners. Wenger’s was a Europa League Arsenal when he left. There starts the difference.


Sir Alex Ferguson led Manchester United to a 13th Premier League title. A season where Manchester United ran unmatched by 11 points. 13 Premier League titles in 20 years is something that will never be matched considering the atmosphere and mentalities of modern football managers.


Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United had a runaway title winning campaign.


On the other hand, Arsene Wenger’s last season was his worst ever season. They finished 6th in the table with lowest number of away wins in the league he’s ever had in his Arsenal career. He left the club in The Europa League by finishing 5th and 6th in his penultimate and final seasons at Arsenal respectively.


It’s tougher to go from 6th to below that than to go from 1st to 7th. Arsenal are experiencing the fruition of Wenger’s failures in his last seasons.



Why comparing these 2 events are wrong?: 


As they would at any opportunity, the British media have used Manchester United’s failure to replace Sir Alex successfully as a yardstick to praise Unai Emery’s fast start at Arsenal.


Sir Alex Ferguson’s successes made it easier for Manchester United to go from top to bottom. 1st to 7th under an inferior Scotsman was easier than 6th to 4th.


Of course David Moyes shouldn’t have been 7th by any means. But, he was never going to replicate what Sir Alex did. Same goes for Unai. He was never going to replicate no away wins in 6 months. He was never going to replicate a 6th placed finish. He was never going to sell his best players under a football board and not a commercial one.



But, where Unai Emery has gotten Arsenal better is their mentality and the way the see football. But, that was the minimum thing you expect from a change in manager when you’re failing. Manchester United” circumstances to change manager was entirely different. So, a comparison is unfair. Both on Sir Alex/David Moyes and Arsene Wenger/Unai Emery.



Arsenal are in a better position. But, they always are in the Top-4 in these parts of the season. The real change, if it ever exists is to be seen in the months between February to April. That’s when Arsenal always struggle to win. But, irrespective of that, Unai Emery has got a good little headstart at Arsenal.


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