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It’s Time For Mason Greenwood!

United’s form and injury crisis has hit a high as Alexis Sanchez is ruled out injured. Marcus and Rashford and Romelu Lukaku terribly out of form. Manchester United lack goals. One player is scoring these days. Anthony Martial. But, he can be only one player. He cannot play 2 or 3 positions. Fellaini can be at best a backup player.


Manchester United’s striker crisis is at an all time high. The last time a striker ( Lukaku, Sanchez, Rashford) scored was against Bournemouth, after which we’ve played 4 games. Lukaku’s last goal came against Watford on 15th September. Alexis’s last goal was against Newcastle on October 6th. Rashford’s last goal was against Bournemouth on November 3rd.


No one expected Lukaku would experience this long a goal drought. 3 months without a goal for a Manchester United striker is too long. Leave the goal drought, his value addition to our team in non-existent. He doesn’t connect play like a striker should. Shortage of confidence? Shortage of form? Certainly this is not his ability. He’s capable of much more as seen since January last season the way he linked up with Sanchez and Pogba. So, a rest would be fine? Certainly a rest would be of great help especially for a game like the Southampton game.



Marcus Rashford, for the talent this boy has, needs to finish the chances he gets. His movement is exemplary as compared to Lukaku. His touch is good. The way he plays is like a supremely confident striker. But, that’s until he’s put in front of good. A striker has to finish his chances. That’s where he fails. We have a player who can do that better.


Marcus Rashford divides opinion playing up top. Excellent movement not complemented by finishing.


Alexis Sanchez has been terribly unlucky. He’s trying. Of late been better. But has been very poor. But, again, bad luck of an hamstring injury has ruled him out for upto a month according to the very reliable Maks Cardenas.




So, how can Jose Mourinho solve this problem? How can he solve the lack of goals? Where can we get the goals from? What can be a short term but also a long term option?


There’s a player in the academy that goes by the name of MASON GREENWOOD. That kid is special . A goal a game at the age of 17 at the U-18 and also the reserves level is something sensational. But, it’s not just his goals.  Its how he scores/creates them. It’s Robin Van Persie-esque. The way his movement in and outside the box is a blessing for any player. Such a good forward. Such a good goalscorer. Something our team needs badly now.




What Jose Mourinho has to do is to put little faith in this player and take him to the Southampton game just like did take him to the tour, at least as a substitute. This boy deserves his chance regardless of age just because he’s been such a special player in his age groups and one age group above his group. He deserves chance.


There have been very early reports that Mason Greenwood will be training with the first team today before the team travels. All we can do is wait and watch and maybe, we may learn from Jose in his press conference.



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