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Manchester United MUST Keep David De Gea. But Fans Can’t Complain If He Leaves!


The past few days have been positive if not excellent for Manchester United and it’s fans. Qualification from the group in the Champions League followed by an important contract update by manager Jose Mourinho.


The contract update was about one of Manchester United’s important players if not the most important player- David De Gea.


Jose Mourinho confirmed that David De Gea was happy to sign an extension and both parties as in Manchester United and David De Gea’s entourage are both happy with him extending.


We have the best goalkeeper in the world and I know he wants to stay, I know his agent is happy to do what the player wants.

     Jose Mourinho praised David De Gea as the        best Goalkeeper in the world.



One of the most important and basic things that Manchester United MUST do is to extend David De Gea’s contract. There isn’t a better Goalkeeper in the world. There can’t be a better replacement in this case. David De Gea is David De Gea. His level is above a normal Goalkeeper.


There’s a saying that:


But, in David De Gea’s case of negotiating a contract with Manchester United, he has to have an upper hand for all he’s done to the club in our worst years in the modern era. He’s been consistent performer always. Of course he wanted to leave and was seconds away from leaving. But, the way he’s stayed loyal ever since then is a testament to the passion he has to club.


He MUST be given a bigger salary if not the best salary at the club. The best salary/wage packet has to be given to then best and most consistent players over season for the club and not for players that have a reputation and sign for a big fee. To think David De Gea earns less than some of our most inconsistent players is a very good evidence of how the club is being run.



Manchester United need to give what David De Gea asks for instead of trying to stamp their authority on a player who has given his everything by sacrificing, in theory, 3 Champions League titles.


David De Gea is said to want €300,000 per week. That will still be lesser than what Sanchez and Pogba earn. So, Manchester United should just offer that and make sure he stays.

  De Gea earns less than Pogba and Sanchez       despite being the better performer for the Old   -Trafford club.


But, what if he doesn’t? We should not complain about that. We have embraced him even if he wanted to leave. And after that, our team has not been great in the Premier League and Champions League winning a couple of trophies here and there which is surely not going to keep a player like De Gea happy especially if the team that wanted has gone on to win 3 CL titles in a row.



So, even if De Gea leaves, we shouldn’t be angry or sad about it because he deserves a better:





   David De Gea will probably sign a new     contract. But it is a given that he would want     a better next few year.


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