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How Did The World React To Manchester United’s Qualification?


Manchester United qualified for the Champions league round of 16 with a game to spare on Tuesday morning with a last minute win over Young Boys. Not the most convincing of performances but a win nonetheless that should boost the confidence of the players.


And here’s how the players reacted to the win:


Victor Lindelof said his Goalkeeper was the GOAT.


Don’t think there should be doubts in that?



Captain Antonio Valencia thanked God for everything and stated that the team keeps working hard.


Fred seemed to enjoy the win.




David De Gea reminding us all what our club is made of:




Now to famous Man United fans:


Boxer Anthony Corolla seems to have booked his tickets to Madrid for June 1st.




Wigan Warriors star Oliver Gildart seems to know his GOAT. 😎




Now onto what the media had to say:


MEN’S Samuel Luckhurst thinks we had a better first half than second.



Simon Peach was no doubt surprised by that celebration of Jose Mourinho…. 🤣



Ciaran Kelly of the MEN outlines Old Trafford’s frustration yesterday and how important a goal it could be for Fellaini and Jose Mourinho.



The official Champions League twitter account confirmed Manchester United’s qualification.




Manchester United enjoyed the qualification as well. Of course they would. 🤣




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