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Permutation And Combinations Ahead of Champions League Matchday 5- What Manchester United need to secure a spot in Round of 16?


A win at The Allianz Stadium against Juventus has given Manchester United a good chance to qualify for the Round of 16 before the last game away to Valencia, which promises to be a tricky match.



Manchester United take on Young Boys at Old Trafford in the last home game of their Champions League Group stage round on Matchday 5 and Valencia travel to Juventus on the same day and the group could be decided by the end of Matchday 5.


For starters, let’s take a look at where the group stands at the end of Matchday 4.


Juventus have 9 points from 4 games and are top.




Manchester United with 7 points from 4 games and are 2nd.




Valencia with 5 points and are 3rd.




Young Boys just have 1 points from 4 games and are last.



So, here are the permutations and combinations ahead of Matchday 5.



Juventus vs Valencia: 

Juventus WIN: Juventus through with 12 points from 5 games and having got 7 more points more than 3rd placed Valencia.

With a win against Young Boys, Manchester United could be through.



Valencia WIN: Group will be wide open. Manchester United could go top before last gameweek.


But, no team will qualify if this was the result irrespective of Manchester United vs Young Boys result.



Draw: Juventus will go to 10 points and Valencia to 6.


Juventus will be through irrespective of their result against Young Boys.


Manchester United will go through if they win against Young Boys.





MANCHESTER UNITED WIN: Manchester United will be through if Valencia don’t win against Juventus.



Young Boys WIN: Such a result will open the group even more and will make it a must-win situation at Valencia especially if Valencia beat Juventus.


DRAW: A draw keeps United at 8 points. Much will depend again on the last game.



So, Manchester United winning will almost certainly give them a passage to Round Of 16. But, nothing could be assured if Valencia win against Juventus.



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