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Why Mourinho Can’t Get The Best Out Of His Players

Saturday’s humiliating home draw against Crystal Palace has caused an uproar in both the fan base as well as the pundits who are all asking the question: what is really going wrong at Manchester United?

Prior to the Manchester Derby, United were playing attractive football and getting positive results against teams like Chelsea and Juventus. However, it cannot be ignored that United have been dismal since the beginning of the season and the recent dressing room turmoil has added to the club’s issues. Of course, they were caused by none other than Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho recently took a dig at players like Shaw, Martial, Lingard and Rashford in his interview with Univision. Mourinho labeled them “kids”, hinting they’re immature and also outrageously stating that they are “lacking character, personality and natural aggression.” As the manager of one of the world’s most successful football teams, why would you publicly criticise players who are the future of the club?

Players in their youth should be protected from the media by their manager. Mourinho has done quite the opposite. Instead of encouraging players like Martial and Shaw who are both having phenomenal seasons, Mourinho has dented their confidence. This problem is nothing new with the Portuguese terminator who has lost the dressing room at Chelsea and Real Madrid before too. It’s Mourinho’s classic 3rd season syndrome.

The Mourinho fans will immediately point out that he should be given more money to transform the club’s fortunes but how much more? Will he really get the best out of his signings? Take a look at Eric Bailly who was a sensation in his first few games for United and now finds himself struggling at the hinges of the squad. He barely makes it to the bench these days! Why can’t José work with the players he’s already got to make them better? 

Eric Bailly is a distraught figure at United

A true United boss would resort to youth players like Tuanzebe or Fosu-Mensah to beef up the defensive frailties of the squad instead of constantly trying to woo foreign talent. Jose does not know the United way and frankly, he never really will. It also important to note that the very players who are poor for United such as Lukaku and Rashford, are nothing short of incredible for their national sides. The difference? Belgium and England have forward thinking, positive minded managers.

Mauricio Pochettino of Tottenham was given £0 in the summer so he did what any competent manager would do; he got the best out of the players he already has. He nurtured their talent, protected them from scathing journalists and managed to get massive wins against both United and Chelsea. Meanwhile Jose is whining about not getting an extra £100 million. Pathetic. 

The future with Jose is bleak. His ego is not what the club needs right now. The problems are already becoming bigger and bigger for United with both star players De Gea and Martial refusing to renew their contracts. The future of other players like Paul Pogba is also under much media speculation, it is clear the root of this problem is the negativity of Jose Mourinho. His lack of belief, encouragement and positivity towards his players has caused United’s season to spin off its wheels. One thing is certain: Jose Mourinho has completely lost the plot.

While it is obvious that the Portuguese terminator is not the only cause of United’s difficulties, he certainly is up there among the most prominent. If the club fails to act on this matter, the ramifications will be unparalleled in their destruction of the club’s image which has already taken enough of a blow. As fans, all we can do is hope and pray!


  1. Tore holmqvist on November 26, 2018 at 11:57 am

    No more guys from Chelsea

    United need someone WHO Can talk to the guys in the lockerroom
    There is so much talent
    But everybody looks in the floor
    The Cant believe what They hear
    You have to have a Guy that wants to win
    City 4 Goals
    Liverpool 3
    Tottenham 3
    Chelsea Arsenal 2 each
    14 Goals
    United 0
    Against CP
    MR Hodgsons

    Ed are afraid of Mou????

    Get a matchcoach Now
    Release Mou
    And Send him back to LON

    Whats happen Now is tragic for everybody

    The fans yday
    75 000 Dont No what to say anymore

    You know what?
    Even Giggs and Scholes should do better for the rest of the season

    This is so sad to Watch So sad

  2. Graham Attwater on November 26, 2018 at 12:24 pm

    The board need to sort themselves out and sit down with Mourinho to sort out their problems first.
    Mourinho is constantly trying to make his point regarding the defence and Lukaku especially.
    There are players that Jose has bought that have not been good enough like Lukaku but because he bought him he was never subbed or dropped until recently when Jose was making a point that Sanchez and Rashford have been tried. Unfortunately Rashford did not do well but Sanchez was better. Jose’s plan was to prove to Fans and press that this would happen and then play Lukaku again. Everything in defence is done to prove a point to the board as well.
    Smalling and Lindeloff have played better but are not getting the right support from Midfield players like Matic and Pogba. Pogba is trying to prove his own point and it is affecting his flare and natural play. Matic is not good enough both slow and unable to keep the ball in key areas.
    Man Utd need to start with the board and work fast otherwise the Man Utd I have known and Loved for over 50 years will slip further and further downwards.
    Get Fred in midfield to work with Pogba Buy a proper Defensive Midfielder like Carrick.
    Work with the defence and nurture them. Most of them are pretty decent. get Rio and Nemanya involved to help them.
    Give the forwards encouragement and praise and Never slate them in public in front of press or Fans.
    Listen to players like Ferdinand and Scholes and get them involved as they know the Utd Way and know their Football.
    Sorry for the rant but I am Very Passionate about how Man Utd perform and not just when winning but also when losing or drawing. Thank You

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