What United needs to begin with under “The Special One”

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After all the speculations and rumours flying since December it has finally happened and Jose Mourinho has been named as the successor of Louis Van Gaal at Manchester United. After an announcement of Pep Guardiola from rivals cross town while United struggled in making even a top 4 finish demanded a statement from the reds in Manchester as world looked them to get surpassed by the rising blue moon. World demanded a statement from United and they had no other choice to make it by bringing Jose Mourinho as a reply for Pep’s appointment. But is getting Premier League’s best manager enough to bulldoze all opponents next season and get back to winning ways?

Hence we look at the key points Jose needs to fix to prepare Manchester United for fighting battles at all front.

  1. Restore Squad Depth

Last summer saw Louis Van Gaal making major changes in the squad in an attempt to clear all the deadwood and players not suiting to his “Philosophy”. However, he was not successful in bringing the replacements for players he sold and hence was left with no option but playing players out of position and overplaying youngsters in decisive matches. The result was a loss of points in crucial games and defeats which made them fail to progress in all competitions they faced.

Hence, it becomes important for Jose Mourinho to restore the squad depth so that the team can have suitable and impactful players as backup at all positions in the pitch and stay in race for titles throughout the season.

  1. Change training regime

Last two season under Louis Van Gaal made United to suffer their worst ever injury crisis as more then 60 percent of first team players were injured for most of the season. The crisis went on going as one or other player kept on getting injured while other returned back to fitness. Players like Michael Carrick , Ander Herrera , Bastian Schweinstiger, Ashley Young, Antonio Valencia and Morgan Schneidarlin kept getting injured in some or other point of time in season. Almost all of them had this omen of injuries in training and hardly few in match day fixtures. Much of its reason was the hectic training regime set under Louis Van Gaal in which players hardly rested and were made to train at high tempo under critical conditions. Players kept being less trained for a game and more tired to play fit for full ninety minutes making them prone to injuries.

Jose Mouirinho needs to bring back the likes of training regimes he established in his former clubs like Chelsea and Real Madrid where he was able to play his first team as playing eleven for almost entire season and hence make a better challenge for title success.

  1. Bring back winning mentality

Manchester United is the only club considered in English football to stand with the likes of BIG 3 of world football Real Madrid CF, FC Barcelona and FC Bayern for their consistent performance and stature they created in last two decades.

The standards set at this club can never be brought down with their financial strength and global brand at par with richest clubs in the world and reputation of biggest club , hence in case of failures faced by manager at any stage, statement like “Fans expectations are high, which isn’t possible” and “Its not possible to win every game” wont at all be entertained . Winning games and thrashing opponents has been in DNA of the club for long long time and will no way be lowered due to a manager’s impotency to achieve success.

Jose Mourinho is the manager with highest win percentage in premier league (61) and it will be expected of him to carry that stats at Manchester United as well once he gets his players. He needs to make winning at daily routine by hook or crook rather then a monthly success or achievement in club and make players believe that every single game can be won without a problem.

  1. Play players to their strengths

Matches are won when entire team performs to their best and to make it happen each and every player needs to be used efficiently to achieve the end product. Last two seasons saw Louis Van Gaal playing players out of their positions almost for every game. It became a routine that player suitable for wing was used as striker, midfielder was used as defender, and hence many of such permutations and combinations kept on getting experimented. What Louis Van Gaal expected to happen at his former clubs like Bayern Munich never happened in Manchester United and very few of the players adapted new roles effectively. Most of the players played at level below average which in the end resulted in team dropping points and they dropping their confidence level.

Jose Mourinho known for his pragmatic approach should feel no problems in playing players in role they fit the best and assign them positions on pitch they can make the best out of. This will make his players rise their performance on individual level and hence result in better team effort overall.

This are those crucial points important to be done to make Jose’s tactics and mind games function effectively in his campaign for handling his dream job of bringing Manchester United back to the epitome of footballing world.





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