Manchester United And Jose Mourinho: Road To Redemption

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Manchester United lifted the Premier League title in 2013 and no United fan would have thought back then that it would be the end of good football, let alone winning trophies. Manchester United fans have been been witnessing poor football ever since, gulping down a win even if it meant passing backwards most of the times and playing the disputed long balls which the fans revolted against.

Ever since Sir Alex has left Manchester United, not only did United lose the flair of playing good football, they lost their identity.

Who is Manchester United, What does it stand for?

It is a sad fact that the last two appointments have been a failure and not because the managers didn’t know their football, it’s just that they both failed to estimate the magnitude of this club and what it stood for.

Similar to this story is a story of another man who had the world at his feet until last year, when he was sacked for almost leading his team to relegation. Jose Mourinho was always linked to success, like a magnet attracting trophies as years passed by but this man lost his way once and the world turned against him and wounded him like Achilles, leaving him to bleed as they carried on to save their season.

Jose Mourinho at Chelsea can be compared to that cousin who comes to visit you at Christmas but overstays which makes you suffocate and this is exactly what the Chelsea players did, creating a mutiny to let go of their manager who just last year had won them a Premier League title.

Now can you actually believe that a man who won the Premier League with the same squad gets blamed for everything that his players do? You can always put the blame on the manager but it’s the players who go out on the pitch and perform and when the players stop playing for you, even the best solution isn’t good enough. Van Gaal lost his team’s confidence and there was zero trust in Mourinho and Louis Van Gaal’s squads in their last season.

Perhaps that’s the very first thing Mourinho needs to do, win his players confidence and trust because until the players know the worth of playing for that crest and the value of the coach and his principles, any manager who comes and manages team is waiting for the disaster to happen.

The story of Manchester United and Jose Mourinho is too similar to be true. They both find comfort in each other, like wounded warriors on the battlefield. Manchester United need to make a statement and Jose Mourinho is that statement. It’s the best battle cry that the club can make and the best weapon Mourinho could have asked for. Mourinho always wanted to manage this club and I believe no better man could have been given the job.

Yes Jose Mourinho is a mad man, yes he is the most emotional manager in the business, yes he is arrogant, yes to every debatable quality he has and he may be trouble but he is our trouble, trouble which is worth the risk because that man will die fighting for his players and the club, something we have missed throughout.

Jose Mourinho will invite passion and superiority, no these aren’t women, something which we have missed under both our managers. Jose will never say he wants us to play like City or be realistic and wait under the transition period, that man will sweat it out and show it on the sidelines and his passion and love for the game, which will ignite a million hearts. Jose Mourinho will make sure other teams hate us and follow the island mentality, just like Sir Alex did, us against the world.

Jose can make the fans believe again, which is exactly what Manchester United. The day fans start believing again, that day the club shall succeed. The fans should do their bit and the rest let’s leave it to the man who shall be our next gaffer.

Jose and United shall be on the road to redemption and trust me when I say this to you, revenge couldn’t have been any sweeter.


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