Legacy of Louis Van Gaal

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The Legacy of Louis van Gaal.

Manchester United won the FA cup when their very own, their academy graduate, Jesse Lingard scored the winner in extra-time with a thunderous shot. It sent the Manchester United fans in the stadium into a frenzy, it was a cup they had not won in years and importantly, it was a silverware after 3 long years of wait.
What was amusing, even surprising was to see Van Gaal celebrate the way he did, arms outstretched, fists clenched, roaring to the touchline and hugging Ryan Giggs, it was quite uncharacteristic of him; But he had finally delivered a trophy at Old Trafford and as he said, “has finally won trophies in 4 different countries.”

But all the joy and the celebrations for him were shortlived as rumours of Jose Mourinho being appointed as his successor started to gather pace, especially with some reputed and trusted names in the business reporting it; even before the manager’s press conference.

The way his situation was handled, it was a hotchpotch, it was absolutely humiliating. Van Gaal is a world class coach, the ideal situation would’ve been to tell him about the decision before the FA cup final, he would’ve taken it. Finding you’ve lost your job when your wife saw it on BBC, as reported by multiple media outlets, is insulting. It happened with David Moyes and now it happened again, Ed Woodward certainly needs to work on his people skills.

Louis Van Gaal had his shortcomings at Manchester United, he wasn’t able to completely manoeuvre Manchester United to the shores of trophies and glory they crave. The squad was disjointed and disgruntled, he had made huge transfer blunders, his handling of some players raised eyebrows, the Glazers were losing money, fans were angry and after pumping in a quarter billion, not managing a Champions League berth, sealed his fate.

So what will the United fans remember Van Gaal by? What will be his Legacy?
Will he be remembered for  defeats against Midtjylland and Middlesbrough?
Or his slow style of play? Or for introducing the youth?

Louis Van Gaal will be remembered for the way he handled the ship he inherited in turbulent waters, his ideas of modernizing the training ground and the other backroom ‘process’ which will help Manchester United in the longer run. Although the introduction of the youth wasn’t completely by design, he still deserves some credit for trusting the young players.

But most of all, he will be remembered for laying the Structure for the future.
He revitalized the academy, choosing to trust the young guns instead of new signings in the winter window. Modernizing the functions and working of Manchester United, that David Moyes wasn’t able to do was his greatest contribution.
It was his work away from the spotlight that impressed everyone at the club.

It was inevitable, but it is sad; to see one of the best managers in the world, end his career in such fashion. It’s time for him to start his new life at his holiday home, “paradise” in Portugal. But he can take solace in the fact that in the last game he managed Manchester United, he won a trophy.

Goodbye and Good Luck Mr. Van Gaal,
You Will Be Remembered..

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